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It’s in our roots to slurp down an ice-cold lemonade in the shade, but those cups of lemonade add up! Part of talking the lemonade talk is walking the walk, which is why Ooh La Lemon is proud to offer personalized paper straws as our small contribution to making sure less single use plastic ends up in the trash.

When you see an opportunity…

In January 2019, we were invited to a speaking engagement in Washington, DC. In between sessions, we got chatting to the manager of private club. We learned DC had just passed a ban on plastic straws and now required restaurants, cafes and coffee shops to offer paper straws. The biggest issue was demand! Restaurants in the DC area wanted to be able to offer paper straws, but they couldn’t find any suppliers on short notice. Ah-ha! Having stocked and sold themed paper straws on Ooh La Lemon, we realized we could fill this need with high quality paper straws, personalization options - like logos - and excellent customer service!

Our straws are perfect for:

  • corporate give-aways and gifts

  • party favors or out of town gift bags

  • restaurants and clubs

  • color coordinated parties / bat or bar mitzvahs

  • themed events

  • school fundraisers with school colors

Quantity Discount Pricing

  • Ooh La Lemon sells paper straws at discount volume prices.

  • Minimum quantities of 1000.

  • We carry a variety of styles and straw lengths - including cocktail and milkshake straws.

  • Ooh La Lemon sells the straws individually wrapped in paper, or unwrapped.

  • Ask us about our amazing custom designed straws that we have done for others! Ooh La Lemon can coordinate with you to make a custom design (larger minimums apply)!

    Please contact us at for a personalized quote and availability. Some of our most popular designs are below but we have many more!

Lemon, Watermelon or Pineapple Straws (25 each package)
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